1:1 Negotiation VIP Session

Get one on one help and gain confidence FAST with a 1:1 Negotiation VIP Session with Claire. Includes initial survey to assess your particular situation and needs, review of your offer contracts, regular email coaching and feedback over 2 weeks, and 60 minute virtual coaching session where negotiation and strategy is discussed i.e. how to counter offer, what to do when an employer won't negotiate and more! 

What People Are Saying:

Thank you Claire for your time and energy today! It was great meeting you. I felt so special being able to have a 1:1 coaching session with you; It felt like a little “treat yo self” gift that has already given me a boost of confidence and worth! I can’t wait to see where this negotiation journey will take me. A big takeaway from our conversation is that this will be uncomfortable but I now know to expect the discomfort and fully lean into this feeling - and not run away! Again, thank you for your advice and energy. Talking to you gave me back some pep in my step that work totally sucked out! (After negotiations complete) With your help, I was able to increase the base salary of both job offers at least $5k. But what helped more was me realizing that I *can* negotiate and that self-doubt and anxiety will happen through this process. Even though I didn’t get most of the things I asked for, you helped me gather the courage to ask for it. Your ongoing support made this process doable. It felt like jumping off a cliff, but you were there to coach me before the initial jump, and then encouraged me through ALL my self-doubt. Thank you soooo much! This was a life-changing process!

Lisa T.

$250.00 USD

If you haven't already downloaded the free Guide to NP Negotiations, we invite you to do so now! This will be a great starting point for us if you use this guide as a pre-VIP homework session!

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