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Quality Support

How new NP grads receive quality support without doing a residency or fellowship program

Gain Confidence

The ultimate NP guide to feeling comfortable and confident in your role even as a new NP and regardless of specialty

Market Saturation

‚Äč4 steps for battling market saturation when finding your first job

A little more about the speaker...

Claire Ellerbrock graduated from her MSN program feeling anxious and uncertain about the transition into practice.
She doubted herself, her abilities, and lacked confidence in her education’s preparation for the role of a nurse practitioner.
She was able to find a good job after school, and for a period of time, she felt great!
The hardest work was behind her.
…or so she thought.
Claire quickly experienced difficulties with feeling overwhelmed by seeing complex patients and feeling alone without a support network. She had many questions and stressors throughout her transition into practice.
Mistakes were made along the way, simply because she didn’t really know what she was getting into.
She realized over time she could have had a much better experience in this transition from graduation into practice if she had been guided and advised about the landmines along with way by a more experienced nurse practitioner.
Claire started seeing new NP grads enter into practice with the same anxiety and doubt she had struggled with as a new grad.
That’s why Claire created NP for NPs: Unsure to Unstoppable and created this free online class.
To show you that YOU can successfully navigate into practice without doubt or uncertainty. You just need the right person to show you how.

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